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Argonne Virtual Tour - Shared screen with speaker view
Kerry Spilker
welcome Eerica
Kerry Spilker
There are so many researchers. What are their field of study and level of education required need to work at ANL?
Kerry Spilker
What was your inspiration to enter into the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math)?
Kerry Spilker
What do you like most about becoming a scientist? Tell me about your normal day when you worked?
Kerry Spilker
How are the people protected from X-ray exposure when working at the facility?
Kerry Spilker
I see there is a discipline for Chemistry. How do the ANL chemists support the research?
Dave Hooper
Employees/scientists participate in lab safety training courses and, if required wear badges to detect any radiation exposure. There are signs posted warning of any possible radioactive exposure.
Kerry Spilker
MRI - was the fundamental technology developed at Argonne and applied in Medicine or did Argonne recognize MRI as an important tool in research?
Erica Lopez
Thank you for this. I enjoy learning about places that I might never otherwise be exposed to. It looks like a beautiful facility and this has been fascinating.